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Use Smart Techniques for Better Medication Management

Medications and vaccines are some of the most powerful factors for proper healing. They help control symptoms and even target the root of our health problems.

As distributors of medications and durable medical equipment, we know that the effectiveness of your medications will depend on how well you take them as prescribed. What are some smart techniques to strengthen your medication adherence?

  • Smart Packaging
    Proper packaging will help you boost your medication adherence. Pharmacies like ours can offer multiple-unit dose delivery systems to make tracking easier for you. You can also make use of daily pill organizers to plan your medication intake ahead of time.
  • Habit Stacking
    Habit stacking is the act of using one habit to perform another. Simple changes in your habits can do wonders for your adherence.

    You can start by identifying a habit that you seamlessly perform every single day. For instance, we brush our teeth multiple times a day. Placing your medications near your toothbrush will remind you to take your medications. Through habit stacking, you can integrate your medication intake into your routine.
  • Make Use of Applications
    Technological advancements have become part of the lives of people of all ages. Most medication reminder applications allow you to log your needed medications, their dosage, and the time of their intake. You can explore these phone applications to find the one that suits your preferences.

Here at Hancock Pharmacy VII LLC, we can help you employ these smart techniques for better medication effectiveness. Our pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut, is your ally for stronger overall wellness.

We also offer free delivery in Connecticut for your convenience. Call us today for your inquiries!

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