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Pharmaceuticals in New Haven, Connecticut

Providing quality, affordable, and reliable care

HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC strives to do its best to provide high-quality medication services in an efficient and timely manner. We provide you and your family the care and attention you deserve and take time to accommodate your needs without compromising standards of care. Visit our pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut.

We offer:

Free Delivery and Pickup
We can pick-up & deliver your prescriptions to your home or office. You do not have to worry because it’s free!
Prevent Potential Drug-Drug Interactions
We work together to help improve your condition. Mixing medications with other drugs, foods, or supplements can result in unwanted side effects. That’s why we prevent drug interactions by crosschecking potential interactions.
Multiple-Unit Dose Delivery Systems
Our pharmacists can offer customized blister packing including multi-dose customized blister packing if needed.
Accurate Filling without Errors by Practicing Triple Check
We always practice triple check because this is an important strategy to minimize dispensing errors.
Medication Administration Records
We keep legal record of the drugs we administer to patients, including:

  • Treatment Records
  • PRN Control Sheets
  • Narcotic Control Sheets
Private Charge System with Direct Billing to Caregivers or Residents
We provide direct billing to caregivers and patients to provide easy payment options.
Dual Billing including Medicare Medicaid
We help dual-billing patients process their bills through Medicare and Medicaid claims review, processing, and payment.
Nursing and Residential Homes
We offer full dispensing services to nursing and residential homes. We customize our services to address individual requirements to ensure you receive the best quality services available. We offer a full range of weekly/monthly monitor dosage systems as well as traditional bottles. We also provide comprehensive MAR charts if needed and also deliver monthly and interim medications to the home.
Providing Pharmacist Consultant to Review Patient’s Charts
We offer day-to-day medication counseling and support over the phone. We provide clinical guidance on safe and appropriate medication use.

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Along with our highly trained staff, we aim to help communities improve health. Contact us now.