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How to Improve Medication Adherence

Medication instructions are prescribed with care – our doctors aim for our conditions to improve and they take into account everything that has been shared with them. Unfortunately, no matter how well the intentions are, patients may experience difficulties following the steps.

To note, missing a single dose can potentially impact a person’s recovery. This means following a doctor’s prescription becomes critical – every step of the way.

If you notice your loved one (or yourself) missing out on taking some prescribed pills, it may be time to consider improving the habit. A good thing to start is to understand the patient’s behavior and current state. Which doses are often forgotten? Which medications are not taken? If there are observed patterns, the doctors and health professionals may be able to provide suggestions to address the root cause.

Building on this, support tools ensure we remember and consume our medications. Technology can be used and alarms on our smartphones can be incredibly convenient. Good old analog calendars remain a striking visual key especially if located in visible areas.

Your trusted pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut has what you need.

From providing multiple-unit dose delivery systems or free delivery in Connecticut, our pharmacy is ready to provide your requirements.

HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC strives for excellent patient care and pharmacy experience. Come visit our pharmacy to get the vaccines you need or consult with us about your medications.

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