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Shedding Light on Vaccine Myths

As a pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut, we believe we have a responsibility to help the health of our community in any way we can. We provide vaccines available for the broader public and encourage everyone to get one every season.

Because of the abundance of misinformation available to patients in the media these days, we’d want to address what we believe to be the most dangerous vaccine myths.

  • You can delay routine vaccinations
    Adult and childhood immunizations are critical for overall health and fitness. Delaying vaccination can be hazardous to your health as well as the health of your community.
  • Vaccines can make you sick
    Vaccines do not cause illness. Some vaccines may cause moderate side effects, such as discomfort at the injection site or a low-grade fever, but these are temporary. According to the WHO, major side effects from immunizations are verry rare.the WHO, major side effects from immunizations are verry rare.
  • Vaccines contain toxic ingredients
    Some vaccines contain trace amounts of formaldehyde and aluminum, but the amount is only minimal that they are not toxic or dangerous. Notify your doctor or the person providing the immunization if you are allergic to any components.
  • Vaccines can overload your immune system
    Receiving numerous vaccines at the same time does not impair the immune system. Furthermore, there is no evidence that spaced immunizations are safer for children. Delaying childhood vaccinations may result in community epidemics of preventable diseases.

HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC, your trusted drug store in Connecticut, invites you to read this and share it with friends, family, neighbors, and others. Furthermore, if you require medical supplies in New Haven, Connecticut, visit our pharmacy today!

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