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Pharmacist’s Role in Stopping Adverse Drug Interactions

There are some cases where someone, while taking their medications, experiences several devastating effects, such as adverse drug reactions (ADRs).

As people age, they tend to take more pharmaceuticals, raising their risk of side effects. Many people, especially older adults aged over 60, often get hospitalized more than twice yearly because of ADRs.

As a pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut, we play a crucial role in safeguarding patients’ access to safe medications throughout medical care. Clinical pharmacists may prevent and mitigate adverse drug interactions due to their extensive understanding of medications.

To find drug interactions, they typically review a patient’s medical history, current medications, and any adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to determine appropriate dosing.

Pharmacists also notify their treating physician and provide alternative therapies when a patient experiences an adverse reaction to medications or vaccines.

Our drug store in Connecticut strives to make a difference in people’s well-being through our products and services. We cross-check all possible medication interactions, such as food, medicine, and supplement interactions, to help you avoid them.

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