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How Medication Counseling Can Benefit You

Contrary to popular belief, pharmacists offer a broader range of services. Pharmacist care is also involved in assessment, monitoring pharmaceuticals, documenting care and progress, and follow-up care.

Pharmaceutical care does not end when someone leaves the pharmacy after receiving their drugs or vaccines. The duties of a pharmacist are extensive and include:

  • giving out prescriptions
  • keeping track of patient health
  • educating patients about prescription drugs and durable medical equipment (DME)
  • providing clinical/medication guidance through counseling

A pharmacist’s job involves providing medication counseling to patients at the point of delivery, which can significantly increase patient adherence and medication safety. They usually give medication advice orally or in writing to help them avoid latent errors and incorrect dosages of their medications, preventing treatment failure in the future.

Additionally, your care plans should evaluate whether you need medication counseling to assess how well you can grasp and apply the information to increase the possibility that the anticipated treatment results will occur.

At HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC, we work hard to deliver reliable and timely pharmaceutical services of the highest quality.

We provide ongoing medication counseling on how to use medications safely and effectively through phone and other services, such as customized blister packing, crosschecking potential drug-drug interactions, and free delivery in Connecticut.

If you need the help of our pharmacist consultant, don’t hesitate to contact our pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut to get a session with them!

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