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Fighting Misinformation About Vaccines

Knowledge helps us make the right decision, but when what we “know” is not accurate or complete, the probability of committing an error is high. 

Unfortunately, modern technology seemed to have supported the proliferation of misinformation and disinformation. Social media and published pages online have unfortunately provided a platform where inaccurate and incomplete opinions have a space to be read.

This misinformation has to stop. This misinformation has to be corrected – for your safety and that of your loved ones. Always consult your trusted Pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut.

Vaccines are among the most common misinformed topics in the media today. It is important to distinguish two approaches to misconceptions.
Misinformation happens when false information is shared without any intention of misleading others, and this happens because no appropriate fact-checking happened or because of the trust people have in the one who shared.

Disinformation is deliberate – intended with malicious intent. Whether it is pushed by people with agendas against vaccines or those who profit from people getting sick from a preventable condition.

The battle against misinformation means winning your health. Find reliable solutions and information about Vaccines from your trusted drug store in Connecticut.

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