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Factors that Hinder Medication Adherence

HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC, your pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut, often has problems with people’s inability to adhere to their medications. We know that they’re not following their doctor’s instructions because they’ll be too early or too late to get their prescriptions refilled.
As a drug store in Connecticut that is deeply concerned with our customer’s welfare, we have enumerated below the common reasons why people are not or cannot adhere to their medications
Here are some of them:

  • Misinformation.
    Other people say that diseases disappear on their own. While there’s truth in it, it still depends on the severity. It’s better if you follow instructions from your physicians than the information you gathered randomly.
  • Forgetfulness and a busy schedule.
    Even though medications are available at their homes, some customers still forget to take their medications. Doing so has adverse consequences so try to establish a routine. However, if your problem is your busy schedule, you can leave your number at our pharmacy so we can remind you to get your prescriptions refilled.
  • Cost.
    Many people refuse to buy medications or purchase vaccines because their budget cannot suffice. This is understandable, but doing so repetitively can cause health complications. Besides, our pharmacy sells medications cost-effectively and your insurance can be of great help as well.

The durable medical equipment available in our pharmacy is also very affordable. Besides, with their durability, you can be confident that you can use them for a very long time.
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