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Eliminating Myths About Vaccines

While there’s a growing need for vaccines, a lot of people are still reluctant to get themselves vaccinated. The misconceptions surrounding the effects of vaccines contribute to people’s hesitation.
As your pharmacy and seller of medical supplies in New Haven, ConnecticutHANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC is here to debunk some myths regarding vaccinations.

  • Vaccines are not safe.
    The truth is, vaccines are totally safe. Side effects like minimal complications and allergic reactions are normal and can go away on their own. Besides, vaccines are only registered when they pass the clinical trial.
  • Vaccines are toxic.
    The ingredients of vaccines have specific functions. An antigen is an inactive form of the disease. When injected, it can recognize the active ones and fight them. Adjuvants are ingredients that boost a person’s immune system. Finally, preservatives and stabilizers make the vaccines effective and help protect them during storage and transportation, respectively.
  • Vaccines are not necessary.
    News flash, they are. As your drug store in Connecticut, we can prove that vaccines are vital. Proper hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition cannot suffice. The strong elements in the vaccine will be your most powerful weapon against viruses and diseases.

These are only some of the misconceptions about vaccines that you should never believe. Getting vaccinated is recommended by reliable doctors and other medical professionals, so their advice is the one you should take. If you wish to purchase COVID vaccines and test kits, we have them available at our pharmacy.
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