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A Pharmacy that Truly Cares for You

Have you ever experienced buying certain medications only to realize that the medicines you bought don’t work well together? Or have you ever found yourself confused by concerns like whether to take your medicine on a full or empty stomach, before or after meals? Taking the wrong medications and taking medications the wrong way can both be detrimental to your health.

Fortunately, we here at HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC are here to help. Hancock is a pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut that sells medicines, medical devices, and durable medical equipment to both individuals and businesses.

We are staffed by licensed pharmacists and nurses who answer a variety of queries on the proper use of medications and how one medication works or does not work well with another medication. Our staff can also administer vaccines to customers, who want to get the latest immunizations.

We provide customers with day-to-day medication counseling and support, over the phone. Just call us at 203-776-7100 for any questions you may have. Our pharmacists are also trained to crosscheck potentially harmful drug interactions before customers make their purchases. If a concern arises, they can then coordinate with the customer’s healthcare provider regarding replacing the medication. We also offer free delivery in Connecticut.

If you are looking for a pharmacy you can trust that will take the extra step in ensuring that you are buying the right medications instead of just trying to make a quick buck, come visit Hancock Pharmacy today.

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