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A Great Pharmacy Choice for Business Owners

Are you the owner of a small medical-related business, like a clinic or an assisted living facility, looking for a reliable supplier of pharmaceutical goods and durable medical equipment? HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC is a pharmacy that also sells medical supplies in New Haven, Connecticut. And we work with many businesses like yours, by ensuring that they are well stocked with all the medicines and medical supplies they need.

Our drug store in Connecticut is stocked with the most popular and prescribed supplements and medicines. We also carry essential medical equipment such as blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers, pulse oximeters, and more, for checking patients’ vital signs. Other medical equipment we can supply includes mobility aids like shower chairs, walkers, walking canes, wheelchairs, and more. If you qualify for free delivery in Connecticut, you may get to enjoy even more savings.

Other business-to-business services we can offer you also include vaccination programs for your patients and staff. We are licensed to administer vaccines to our customers, you can choose to partner with us instead of another medical facility that may charge higher rates or have too many other customers.

Are you looking for a reliable pharmaceutical supplier that can help your business run efficiently and effectively? Call Hancock Pharmacy today at 203-776-7100, so we can set up a formal meeting and talk business.

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