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The Triple Check Practice: Accurate Medication Filling


Medication errors can have consequences for patient health and safety. At HANCOCK PHARMACY VII LLC, we prioritize accuracy in medication filling to provide high-quality medication services to our patients. One of the practices we follow to ensure accuracy is the Triple Check Practice, a process that involves multiple checks at different stages of medication filling.

The Triple Check Practice involves three distinct checks performed by different pharmaceuticals team members to ensure accuracy at every step of the medication filling process. The first check is performed during medication dispensing, where the pharmacist verifies the accuracy of the medication, dosage, and labeling. The second check is conducted during the medication labeling process, where another team member verifies the accuracy of the medication label, dosage, and patient information. The third and final check is performed during medication bagging, where a different team member verifies the accuracy of the medication, dosage, and labeling on the medication bag.

This three-tiered approach of checking at multiple stages of the medication filling process helps to catch any potential errors or discrepancies, ensuring to dispense the correct medication to the right patient with the correct dosage and labeling. The Triple Check Practice minimizes the risk of medication errors, promotes patient safety, and upholds the highest standards of care.

In addition, our pharmacy utilizes technology and automated systems for accurate medication filling. These systems minimize the risk of human error during medication dispensing. An accurate medication and vaccine filling are crucial to prevent potential drug-drug interactions and adverse effects. By following the Triple Check Practice, we prioritize patient safety and provide high-quality medication services for optimal health outcomes.

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